Repairing of monitor Philips 170B4

Yesterday I bought Philips 170B4 LCD 17′ monitor on the sale.
It was very cheap (about 9$), and of course when I turned it on at home, it didn’t work. My OS detected it right, but the screen was total black. Monitor menu worked fine, and showed Brightness and Contrast level equal -1 (minus one). My attempts to restore factory settings via menu made no results. I digged in the Internet and found some reference to “incorrect firmware in that case”. Learned out Service Manual that monitor had EEPROM for saving settings, and got consciousness – in my case data stored in EEPROM was broken.
So to solve this problem you should follow this way: (more…)

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Happy Birthday to my Nokia 6100!

In this year, my irreplaceable, beloved Nokia 6100 is celebrating round date! Ten years of the stable work! As part of the celebration I ordered “the phone donor” for it from China. Donor truth was a year older than my phone, if believing to the marking on the main board. In any case, now my old bean looks as a new, and I hope for another 10 years it will be enough!
Few photos of the transplant into the new enclosure:

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