The site is devoted to various aspects of technical, about technical and absolutely no technical life. The premise of his creation: the desire to organize and arrange your own accumulated material works and knowledge. Much of the material published author. I hope for the understanding of readers in relation to spelling, punctuation and culture of speech, as the saying goes: do not make mistakes one who writes nothing! Despite the fact that the project is a personal blog, the author sincerely hopes that he was able to reduce the self-centeredness of the material to a minimum.

So what is this site?

Radio engineering, radio or rather System (RTS) gently stretching into the microprocessor system (MPS). Coupling device, display device, embedded systems, data collection and processing, data transmission. The second major part of the material is information technology. Application programming, working with the ports system for collecting and processing data, SCADA system. A little apart in this section should web programming and application development for mobile devices. This is the basic for technical and about technical subject site.

It absolutely does not include the results of technical topics grafomanskih attacks in the form of short stories, attempts to translate the texts of songs from foreign languages into the great and mighty, and finally, God forgive me, a photo session. In contrast to the technical disciplines, in all this no criteria of utility and quality is not there, so I admit that a lot of people who are positively rated the work of the author, would not be allowed.

And finally, all that does not come under the general classification, takes notes section. Travel stories on vast country and other countries, sports hobbies, thoughts and reflections about life and stuff.

That’s all for administration. The author would like the new and old readers, friends and sympathizers people, comments, criticisms and constructive proposals.

Thank you for your attention)

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