Mini Chinese Solar Power Flashlight

Ordered this device on Aliexpress, only for disassembling into: rechargeable battery and solar panel. That what I thought.
What China’s shop offered :
1. Solar Life: 5 years
2. Illuminating: 2 hours lighting time
3. Charging Time: Full in 5 hours in sun 
4. Dimensions: 2.36 x 1.38 x 0.43″ / 6 x 3.5 x 1.1 cm (L x W x H)
5. Material: ABS material shell High
6. Color: Black
7. Weight: 0.78 oz / 22 g

According to the third point, this flashlight should be with rechargeable battery and a real solar panel! The typical name of such flashlight is: Mini Solar Power 3 LED Lamp Flashlight Torch with Key Chain Free shipping ZH291. Typical cost about 1$-2$. I bought it only for 0.96$!
This is the device photo from Ali:


That is how it actually looks like.

Flashlight was packed in a nice box. It is unusual for so low price!

Flashlight looks like in the Ali shop:



Flashlight has light weight and very bright light. Ok. Let’s disassembling it! Ooh what a surprise!


Three white LEDs, button, Lithium battery CR2016 and something looks like a solar panel connected with …nothing. But when I separated the solar panel from the board, I defined that this solar panel was real, and it’s name: 3722-9L. (QF-3722-9L, output 4.5V and 10.0uA at 200 lux).



So, what we have in conclusion: plastic enclosure, three bright leds, lithium battery CR2016 and solar panel QF-3722-9L and all it for 1$! I think it is very good!

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